Friday, September 28, 2007


Hi, thanks for checking our families blog. I am so new at this and as you can tell I am still figuring out how to align things and size pictures right. As time goes on I hope to get more adept at this, but enjoy my ramblings for now. Send me an email or comment so I know it's all working. Have a super day!

Back to School

Dallin and Elaine were excited on their first day of school. Elaine (once we get her out of bed in the morning) is almost overly exuberant about school. One friday when I picked her up she excitedly told me it was friday and "you know what that means?--only 2 more days until monday and then I get new homework!" I hope the enthusiasm wanes a bit so she can save some for the teenage years. Dallin is doing super and just loves reading and is very good at it. There are 5 2nd grade teachers at his school, so he only knew a couple kids in his class as they all got spread out, but he makes friends so easily it wasn't a big deal. I drive Elaine as I have her going to a different elementary in order to have 1/2 day kindergarten. I could go on for pages about my thoughts on full day Kindergarten. Dallin walks or rides his scooter with a friend two doors down who is also in 2nd grade. There is a pathway from our neighborhood that backs up to the school so it's a short distance.


In the Rainforest at the Omaha Zoo.
Monument at Winter Quarters.

Loading the wagons!

At the airport-yeah!

Kirt joked that this wasn't really a vacation, but 'paid time off' as it was a trip to visit family. We all had a fun time in Nebraska to celebrate my Grandma's 80th Birthday--way to go Grandma! While there we went to the Zoo and Winter Quarters. The airport was a highlight for the kids, of course. It was great to reconnect with relatives I hadn't seen in 10-20 years--ugh I'm old.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Taft and Brigham are so fun to watch play together. They adore each other. Although, Taft usually ends up getting too crazy and tickles just a bit too hard. Lately, he's taken to biting Briggs on the hand or toes, so play time is ended abruptly with a piercing cry. Brigg though is quite forgiving and loves to laugh at Taft who is more than willing to be silly or make noises to get that happy reaction.