Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Never Say Never!

I think I used that title for a post on becoming a Soccer Mom. I think I've learned my lesson and am going to delete the word 'never' from my vocabulary in discussing plans for my life. I recently joked with friends that I would love for the stork to just drop off a baby, I wouldn't say no to that. But, I could Never see myself pregnant again--mmmhmmm!!! I should've kept my mouth shut Ü

Seriously, I had started giving some baby items away. I walk by this picture of my four kiddos every morning and have thought--'They're great!--I am so Content with my little family". I've been taking some online classes--you know moving on with life. I've been working out at 5 am with a great group of girls and getting in my best shape ever--Go P90X! So, really a baby was not on my mind.
I was in denial for about a month. I have 21 day cycles with an occasional 28 day thrown in, so to be off a bit, no cause for concern. And then I just figured because I've been working out things are a bit off, etc. And then I took an over the counter pregnancy test and later thought--'Well, it was a cheap one, it could be wrong". And then a couple weeks ago the fatigue and nausea started--can't think of any other reason for that-aagh!
Really, I am very excited about a new little baby--boy or girl, it'll be great!! I'm still on the emotional roller coaster of ''How exciting" and Holy crap what have I got myself into?!" Tenative due date between December 9th and 14th. So, there you go, now all family, friends, and neighbors can know at the same time (or at least have the opportunity of doing so). This is the first Kirt and I have said a word about it to anyone. Yes, he's excited, but a bit shell shocked, too.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Break Fun!

Wind Caves Hike Grandma and Grandpa Nelson came to visit us over Spring Break a couple weeks ago. One of our first excursions was a 3 mile hike up to the Wind Caves. The caves are almost to the top of the mountain behind us.
Here we are a little over an hour later at the top! And yes, it was windy, but felt nice to be cool after working up a sweat hiking in the sun.

We enjoyed the scenic views and fun little nooks along the way up and back down . Taft was a trooper and hiked unassisted all but the last 10 minutes. He stumbled a few times over the rocks on parts of the less blazed trail, but didn't complain and just got back up. We are looking forward to doing some more hiking as a family. It was a really fun day Ü
Tempe Town Lake

On another sunny spring break day we spent the afternoon at Tempe Town Lake. Kirt took Dallin and Elaine out on a paddle boat--although he did most of the paddling Ü Taft and Briggy played by the fountains.

Thanks for coming to play with us Grandma&Grandpa!