Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Trip

We spent Thanksgiving this year in St. George, Utah with Kirt's parents and his brother Andy and his family. It was a nice time, but a bit too chilly for our thin Arizona blood. Kirt's parents are serving a mission there so we stayed at an apartment across from the St. George Temple and had a beautiful view out our window. We enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast, hiked around Zions(brrr), went to the temple, saw some Christmas lights, got in a little shopping and just relaxed. On our way down we stopped here to stretch our legs while walking across a bridge spanning the Colorado River, just north of the Grand Canyon.

Dallin, Elaine, and Taft posing for a quick shot after crossing the bridge. We'd been in the car about 5 hours by this time, so I think they were just happy to get out!

After stuffing ourselves at dinner (and on a tasty apple pie Carissa and I made :) and then doing some crafts with the kids, it was nice to just relax in front of the TV for a bit. I think they were switching between a game and The Incredibles. (I was busy flipping through the black friday ads.)

The day after Thanksgiving we went to Zions National Park to hike around a bit. I was surprised how busy it was there actually. But, we found a place to park and walked up to Weeping Rock and The Narrows a bit. It was really pretty, but I was kind of a whiner as it was cold and we weren't prepared to go hiking. Next time, proper shoes, baby backpack, gloves, and warmer clothes for the kids. I am glad though Andy encouraged us all to go, it was a fun excursion!

Strolling around Zions with the cousins takes on a whole new meaning with all these little ones in tow. Dallin, of course walked, but was being goofy here while his little cousin was out on a potty break.

The kids had a great time visiting with Grandma and Grandpa Nelson! And Taft loved his Good 'n Plentys he got from grandpa for the trip home (which he was such a pill until about 10 minutes from home when he finally fell asleep--nice timing). The kids are typically quite good little travelers for the most part. 8 hours later we arrived back in Gilbert with fond memories of our little holiday trip.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oh Motherhood!

Being a Mom is great, but boy do these little guys keep me on my toes. I can barely find a moment to blog :) Actually, while writing this Taft dropped a glass on the tile downstairs and I've had to barricade the staircase to stop Brigham from plumeting down them. If I didn't think they were so cute I'd have probably sold them to the gypsies awhile ago--not really, like even know where the gypsies live. Anyways, I just wanted to take a moment and document them as they grow too fast. (I'll blog Dallin and Elaine next time.)
Taft is only 2 but got himself his own cereal the other day. This wasn't the first time he did that. He got a bowl out of the dishwasher(it was clean--not always the case, though), poured the cereal and milk without a spill and proceeded to dig in. This is how I found him one morning. He is constantly climbing things and finding stools to get higher--one day he even dragged his porta potty out as I'd hid the stools and used that to get on the counter--too smart for his own good. He can actually hold on to the edge of the center kitchen island and walk his feet up it; no idea where he learned that. He gives me gray hairs but he's fun!

Our little Brigham is just growing too fast. He army crawls like this all over the house, just full of energy. (Very motivating to keep my floors spotless.) Typically he has a ball or other small object in his hand at all times. He's fast, too. The other kids try to crawl like him and he beats them, its funny to watch. He is so happy and the kids love to make him giggle. He's been a bit fussy lately as he's teething again. 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom now with more on the way.

Friday, November 9, 2007


Birthdays are good for you.
Statistics show that the people
who have the most live the longest.

I must be getting old as I don't want to admit exactly which birthday it is I'm celebrating today. (34). So far so good. Kirt and I went out to breakfast with Taft and Brigham after Dallin and Elaine went to school--shhh. Anyways I reach for my water and somehow dump the whole cup over which gets on Kirt's pants and everywhere else. As I'm cleaning it up Taft says, "Daddy, I didn't touch it" Too funny. Typically he's the one dumping water everywhere--daily. It has been a nice day though. I got a card(and some moula) in the mail from Kirt's parents and phone calls from my family. We'll do a little presents and dessert later tonight with the kids and then Kirt gets to finish painting the bedroom--that was part of his gift to me. Nothing too fancy, but the little things mean the most--so, thanks all who remembered and made me feel a little special today :)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Fun

We had a great time this Halloween! I was able to help out with both Elaine's and then Dallin's class parties as they were at different times. And who could complain about trick-or-treating in 75 degree weather. It was great strolling around and chatting with our friends and neighbors. (and of course, stealing a few pieces of the kids chocolate in the meantime--oh come on, you all do it :) Elaine who's greatest wish is to have a kitty, dressed up as a 'black panther' as she called herself. Dallin wanted to be a ninja so he donned his karate clothes and added a sword. Taft pictured here was Clifford for trick-or treating, but was Buzz lightyear for Elaine's school party. Brigham of course, was a bunny. All my babies have worn this little outfit for their first halloween.
Elaine and Taft enjoying a treat at her kindergarten class party.

Taft with a mouthful of candy alternated walking and riding while trick-or-treating. It was his first time and he was loving it--candy, candy, candy! He was so silly by the end of the night. Brigg just enjoyed the ride.

Dallin excited to go through all his loot. Elaine counted hers and said she had 114 pieces--coincidentally that is as high as she can count, so maybe she even raked in more than that--yum!