Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Taft!

Taft was so excited to celebrate his 4th birthday and go to Sweet Tomatos for dinner. It was funny as Grandma and Grandpa sent him a card with coupons to the restaurant and a check and he was more excited for the coupons than the money. (Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!) He still keeps telling us, "I'm never going to be 3 again!" It drove him nuts having to wait for his siblings and Daddy to come home to open presents. Fortunately, Great-Grandma made that at bit easier. . .

I told Taft if there was a box in the mail, he could open that without having to wait. So, he lucked out and ripped into it, before even coming inside. It was a fun little bubble blowing train from my Grandma, which he and Brigham enjoyed chasing around.
A couple months ago Taft told me for his birthday he wanted a 'Mean Car' cake. (from the movie Cars). I was hoping he'd change his mind when birthday time rolled around as I didn't know how to pull that off. Here's my sorry attempt at it, which fortunately, Taft loved! (It's a chocolate cake with 2 brownies stuck on top for eyeballs).

Taft is a huge Thomas Train fan. One of the things he wanted most was the train 'Diesel 10'. He was just beside himself with excitement to open up this treasured gift. (Thanks, Grandpa!)

This picture just makes me laugh as it catches Elaine licking frosting off the cake, Brigham ripping into one of the presents and Dallin being goofy in the background. Taft was busy loooking at his new trains and a bit annoyed at having to pose for a picture. A typical family birthday party Ü
We so love having Taft in our family. He is such a character and keeps us laughing. I think it's because he tries to act a lot older than he is. And whenever anyone comments on his red hair, he's quick to tell them "it's not red, it's ORANGE" , although this week he decided to start telling people he has 'green' hair--go figure.
Well, a big Happy Birthday to Mr. Taft!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day...mostly

The kids had a fun time preparing for Valentine's Day parties at school this year. Dallin's class held a contest on creating a box to hold all your valentines. Well, then Elaine had to make a box,too--she chose this cute puppy. Dallin (with Mom's help) created a box resembling a school locker, complete with photos and decor inside. . .and Dallin won!

Next, it was time to make the cards. Elaine wanted to make one with a pipe cleaner bee. I was all for it, until I realized, 'one bee, no problem, 30 of them-time consuming'. Dallin was content to print off a sheet of jokes--definitely his style. Next year I'm so going back to store bought Ü

On Friday they had the little parties at school. I helped out at Dallin's at Noon and was back again at 2pm for Elaine's. Taft and Briggy joined me and had a blast eating treats and watching them pass out cards. It's cute to see that some traditions never change. Well, now there seems to be a lot more candy, I remember just putting one little conversation heart with the card.

And I was looking forward to spending Saturday catching up on things I'd postponed during the week (due to helping the kids prepare for Friday) and going out for Valentine's day dinner. Unfortunately, I woke up Friday at midnight sicker than I've been years and spent all day Saturday in bed and barely able to get down a glass of grapefruit juice. The only thing that sounded relatively palatable. I am better today and can sit up for a few hours and eat a small amount of whole food. Kirt was sweet and took care of everything this weekend and even planted some new flowers in my garden for a Valentine's present.