Sunday, November 23, 2008

Catch up Time

Lot's of activities and little time to blog has been the theme of this month. So, here is a small summary of what the Nelson's have been doing these past few weeks. . .

Schnepf Farms Field Trip

I was able to accompany Elaine's class on a field trip to the farm. It was a fun time seeing how a farm worked and playing around. Elaine got to pick some radishes, which by their size more resembled beets!

Train Park-Layton Party

From riding the carousel to climbing walls and taking a spin on the train around the park. All had something they could enjoy at the family party Kirt's work put together.

Happy Halloween!

The kids had fun dressing up this year. Although Taft was a pirate for about 30 seconds. Briggy, on the other hand loved wearing his pumpkin costume and sucking on the collar Ü

Taft was proud of his cupcake spider he made at playgroup. Treats won out over costumes with him. We also had fun helping out at the parties in both Dallin and Elaine's classrooms at school. A busy sugary day!


Dallin has loved being a cub scout. (I don't think I've blogged on this before) Its fun that Kirt is one of the leaders in the program here. Each month we get busy with activities and pack meeting. This month Dallin just completed the move from Wolf to Bear!