Friday, October 26, 2007

Crafting Bug

I have been in the crafting mood this past week. I think it all started with our enrichment super saturday. I made the neatest blanket all silky on one side and then soft/silky furry on the other. I just love the textures. I also made this beautiful Christ themed picture frame. Then this past week I completed 4 scrapbook pages and made 2 more silky blankets for Christmas gifts. I also squeezed in tidying the house from top to bottom, cleaning out the flower bed and hosing off the back deck and furniture. Brigham just turned 9 months so I know I'm not 'nesting', guess its reverse spring fever as the weather cooled down a bit lately. This is my first time just blogging something random, but I wanted to share pics of my fun blankets--first time using the sewing machine, too! This one is mine. It's hard to tell here but its a soft cream fur and I love the fun patterned fabric. Its fun to cuddle up with--a teddy bear for grown-ups :)
Although it'll be tough to part with I made this dark brown and floral one for my Grandma.

And this 'Hello Kitty' white fur and oh so silky print is for Elaine. I wanted to surprise her, but had her pick out the fabric at the store she liked. Then I went back later that night to get it. Normally, she is out cold by 8pm at night. Of course, thursday when I was downstairs pinning it together at 9:30pm she comes down for a drink. She never does that and she'd been in bed silent for over an hour! I was so disappointed she caught a glimpse as I wanted it to be a huge suprise on Christmas. Although, she hasn't said anything about it since, so maybe she thought it was all a dream--agh!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


One of the highlights of fall break last week was going on the ward campout. And yes I went and slept in a tent and stayed the whole night! (Kirt was telling his Dad about our excursion and he was laughing and didn't believe I went). I guess I can't blame him as I've had issues with camping in the past. But, really it was a great time. I was a bit nervous about the idea of camping in the desert. (Although where else could you camp in October and really only need a sweatshirt and jeans after the sun went down.) But, no scorpions or rattlesnakes attacked. We did hear coyotes howling in the distance, which sounded so cool; I say that in retrospect as at the time I didn't know how distant they really were. So, I woke Kirt to walk me to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Hey, I'm working up to this camping stuff :)
Our families first camping adventure together! Kirt's been aquiring gear little by little as he's been wanting to camp together for awhile. I loved the tent--it's huge. All 6 of us slept in it with plenty of room for our bags, a playpen, and 2 more people if needed. Good find Kirt!

An after dinner sunset--amazing colors!

Brigham taking an early morning peek out of the tent. I woke to find him bundled up in Kirt's sleeping bag with him. He thought his little hands were getting too chilly in the playpen.

Dallin took this picture of Elaine and me at the cactus. He kept telling her to lean up against it for the picture--ah siblings.

Train Park

The kids were starting to get a bit antsy after a couple of days of Fall Break. So, I was so excited when Erin called to invite us to check out the Train Park in Scottsdale with her. We had a good time. . .and more importantly it helped the kids expend some of that extra energy that'd been building up.

(for some reason pictures from this adventure are not loading---stay tuned)

Monday, October 8, 2007

Ahoy Mateys!

Layton held a company picnic this saturday at the park just 2 miles from our house. It was a pirate theme. The sharks behind Kirt make me laugh. You can't see in this picture, but they are part of a this huge 20foot slide. You enter here and climb up these ropes in the back. Elaine is pretty fearless and loved going down the slide, but was so afraid of these little puffed up sharks, she had to gear herself up and then run past them really fast. It was just funny :)
They had all these large pirate themed blow up activites for the kids. (And I took a ride down the 20ft slide). They enjoyed bouncing, climbing, and sliding down them all. This was a smaller one that even Taft could climb up inside.

Enjoying a sweet treat-Cotton Candy!
Taft took one bite of his and surprisingly didn't like it. Guess it all has to do with texture.

Dallin and Elaine had fun on this bungee game. They tried to put footballs on to the velcro, but as they ran they could only get so far before they were snapped back to start. It was fun to watch!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


The last couple of mornings Dallin has asked what day it is and then tells me how many left until Halloween. Which amazes me that it's around the corner. I just can't get into fall yet, when its still 95 degrees out. I saw some scarecrows outside of Michaels today which reminded me that I have one and some fun fall decorations. I've just been waiting for the "chill in the air" before setting them out. It has though gotten too cold to swim (as the pool heats to the nightime low), yet not cool enough to hot tub yet. Guess, we'll just ignore that part of our yard for a bit. I'd post a picture of the kids in the leaves, but yah. . .