Friday, January 25, 2008


Wednesday night it was my turn to host our book club group. It was a fun night, although I was really nervous to host. My sweet husband understanding how I stress getting the house ready for guests, came home a bit early to help out and got the younger kids in bed and him and Dallin hung out upstairs the rest of the night downloading music to Mp3 players. I think we had about 15 ladies come. The book we read for discussion was Tuesdays with Morrie, which was good. As usual we didn't stay on topic long and discussed things from friendships , Lord's hand in our lives, kids, autism, vaccines, who's pregnant(congrats Atalie), illnesses, shopping, and dogs to name a few. This is just such a great group to be around and am so grateful to have gotten involved when we first moved here; I've made some fun friends and learned a lot. Yeah for bookclub--looking forward to next month!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Birthday Fun and Grandpa Visit

We all loved celebrating Brigham's 1st Birthday on the 15th. It was just us and Grandpa Dye. We went to Joe's Farm Grill for dinner and then came home and enjoyed banana cupcakes(muffins-frosted)-yum!
Brigham not quite knowing what to do with such a large morsel of food finally just dived in. He got good and sticky later.

Grandpa Dye got Brigham this cute little ride-on dump truck. It did the trick as he finally started to warm up to grandpa here.

Grandpa took all the kids to Toys R Us and let them pick out a toy--fun!!! We were there about 2 hours 'deciding'. The kids nicknamed my dad the Birthday Grandpa as he's good about visiting on thier special days. Unfortunately, he missed birthdays last year as we were moving and such. Dallin picked a nerf dart gun thing, Elaine a Barbie pool, and Taft a semi truck that hauls cars. Thanks Grandpa!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Look Who's Turning One!

On Tuesday our little Briggy will be one! Time flies way too fast. I've been trying to wean him these past few weeks and he's actually been fighting it pretty good. All my others were done nursing by 1, but not this little guy. He's down to morning and night and was taking the sippy cup a week ago, but now I think has figured out what's happening and refuses to drink milk or water or anything--so stubborn. I have visions of going to his kindergarten class at snack time to nurse him :) oh well, it's his birthday this week so I'll let him have his way a little bit longer.