Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween and Other Fun Stuff!

Hey, anyone still out there!!!
I know it's been quite awhile, but thought it was time to start blogging again. I'm not making any promises on how often I'll update, but figured I needed to start again somewhere. So, enjoy some highlights from October. . .
A quick picture before we went 'trunk-r-treating'.
Can you tell that dressing up is not Taft's idea of a good time, but I told him it was necessary to get candy Ü Brigham loved being a pumpkin, Elaine was excited to be princess Leigha, Dallin the Grim Reaper, and of course as all my babies have been for their first Halloween, Calvin was a bunny.
Funny side story: On Halloween day we were going to visit my mom in the nursing home and I thought it would be fun for the kids to wear their costumes. As we are getting ready to go I ask Dallin where his costume is and he replies, "Mom, we're going to an old folks home. Did you forget I'm the Grim Reaper? I'd give them all a heartattack or something!" Kirt and I found that quite funny and surprising Dallin would think of that. Ü

Pumpkin carving was quite the event. They all thought it was gross, but enjoyed eating the tasty seeds I later roasted with butter and salt.

Friend . . . or Foe?
Definitely the enemy!!!

Calvin enjoyed playing with his little
stash of goodies.

Dallin also enjoyed his large
stash of goodies!!!

Brigham loved his pumpkin costume. He
embellished a bit the next day and added
a sword and hat.

Student of the Month
Elaine was chosen for Student of the Month in her 3rd grade class. The trait for the month was Perserverance and she definitely fits that category. As this was her first year at Ben Franklin she had a bit of catching up to do as they are an advanced school, but she got in there and picked up handwriting, english and math after a month or so. And is a straght A student.
Way to go Elaine!


Jenifer said...

I'm still here! Dallin's comment cracked me up!

Amy said...

I am glad you are back. It is fun the see the cute kids. Calvin has changed! What cuties.